But why is Jonathon Mast?

I’m not Jonathon Mast. OK, yeah, I know that “Jonathon Mast” is what appears on all the credits for my fiction. If you click that little “Published Works” tab up there, you’ll find a bunch of stories all credited to that Jon guy. And that’s me. But that’s not my name. You see, I useContinue reading “But why is Jonathon Mast?”

A Fair of Authors

Twenty-some authors all penned in a room together. Sounded dangerous. It was a local authors’ fair, held at a library not far from my home. Should I go? Well, I could probably learn a lot about tabling in a smaller venue. That could benefit me greatly for when I start doing it, hopefully within aContinue reading “A Fair of Authors”

I’m Never Reading Again

I can’t read books anymore. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m currently reading Love, Lies & Hocus Pocus book 2 by Lydia Sherrer and enjoying it. Before that I ripped through a beta read for a friend that I enjoyed. (I tend not to rip through books I don’t enjoy.) Before that I read SpaceContinue reading “I’m Never Reading Again”