A Fair of Authors

Twenty-some authors all penned in a room together.

Sounded dangerous.

It was a local authors’ fair, held at a library not far from my home. Should I go?

Well, I could probably learn a lot about tabling in a smaller venue. That could benefit me greatly for when I start doing it, hopefully within a year or so. See what works, what doesn’t, how to deal with people.

But then again, I didn’t have much money. I didn’t mind not spending money on every author, but I wanted to at least be able to not waste an author’s time on me without having something to offer them – in this case, actually buying a book.

I hemmed.

I hawed.

My wife started loading the kids in the van to go to the library. She rolled her eyes at me when I finally climbed in, too. Continue reading “A Fair of Authors”