It Takes More than One

For me, some of the easiest and funnest times to write is when I release two characters to interact on the page.

Madelyn is unsure of herself, cocky to others, and has real talent with her blade. She needs someone who can play off those abilities.

Thus, we have Renity, Madelyn’s older sister, one of the major characters in the series. Well, adopted older sister. Kind of.

It’s complicated.

Anyway, I needed someone Madelyn could be honest with, someone who would call her out as needed. Renity serves that purpose. She’s not afraid to tell Madelyn it’s time to chill out. She doesn’t hesitate to remind Madelyn she has limits. At the same time, she fiercely loves her little sister and fights at her side. She’s ready with a hug and a sword.

I think it’s important to have characters that know each other well enough that they can see behind each other’s masks. Renity knows Madelyn isn’t nearly as confident as she portrays. Madelyn also knows Renity’s weaknesses. They support each other…

…well, mostly. They are sisters. They still fight.

Of course, there are a few wrinkles. Madelyn hates that she’s still 14. She seems to age… more slowly than her sister. Renity looks and acts like she’s in her early 20’s. She’s only two years older than Madelyn. Why is Madelyn stuck at 14? It’s a sore spot for her. Why does her sister get to grow up, and she can’t?

Ah, well, you’ll probably have to read the book series to find out!

You can back it right now on Kickstarter — check it out!

BTW — I did not produce that gorgeous sketch of Renity. That was done by our fantastic cover artist, Ian Samson!

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Jon lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

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