Impatience is Not a Virtue

I may have a problem. For Christmas, my parents gave me an insanely generous gift: a $100 gift card for my comic shop. Guess what I’m planning to do later today? Last night I was going through what I want to get. The shop is running a sale for the next week, and I’m eagerContinue reading “Impatience is Not a Virtue”

2020 Gift-Giving Guide for that Hard-to-Shop-for Writer Friend

You’ve pillaged the nearest towns. You’ve ransacked every bookery you can find. And yet, your desperate search has not ended. What can you get your writer friends for Christmas? Have no fear! I’m here to present to you a list of items for you to get them that they are sure to enjoy and thankContinue reading “2020 Gift-Giving Guide for that Hard-to-Shop-for Writer Friend”

Christmas Writings

As I’m writing this post, it’s Christmas Eve. The kids are milling in front of the tree, not able to break their gaze from the sight of all their presents. (We won’t open them until tomorrow.) I’m mentally preparing to lead worship at my congregation tonight. Oh, and typing this post. It’s Christmas. For many,Continue reading “Christmas Writings”

Stories of Christmas Past

Why do we love A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens so much? First published in 1843, this slim volume has been adapted and readapted and transformed so many times. It’s a world that has become so pliable that Mickey Mouse, Twilight Sparkle, Patrick Stewart, and George C. Scott have all taken cracks at it. (Incidentally,Continue reading “Stories of Christmas Past”