The Horror! The Terror! The Author!

Your showman appears elsewhere this week! Check out this guestpost from your favorite carny oe’r yonder!

Many thanks to author, blogger, and my long-time friend Jon for visiting this week and creating this guest post. Are you ready for THE HORROR???!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to see the strangest creature in all creation! Just two bits and you can step out of the midway of this fine, fine fair and into our private viewing room! Thank you sir, ma’am. Right this way. Watch your step, please.

Now, prepare yourself! Those with weak hearts may wish to look away! Behold! Come, view the writer! Here he is, in all his glory! Gasp! Shriek! Oh, little boy, sorry, no refunds.

I know. It’s terrifying, isn’t it? Those bags under his eyes? That vacant expression! But wait!

Oh, he’s looking at you now, little one. You’ve clicked some idea off in his head, and there’s no telling where you might end up now! Perhaps…

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Published by Jon

I'm a pastor in Wisconsin. Constantly writing, whether it be fiction or sermons or anything in between. Husband and father. Over all this, Christian, willing and joyful servant to good master Jesus.

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