Regularity Pays

The phone pinged. My wife looked at the text. She broke out into laughter.

It was the owner of my comic shop. She hadn’t seen us in two weeks, and she wanted to make sure we were okay.

Well. I’m a little embarrassed!

See, I’m usually at my comic shop Thursday late morning or early afternoon. Last week I didn’t go because there were no comics out that I wanted to pick up. (You can check what comics are out every single week at Diamond Comics.) This week I didn’t go in the morning or early afternoon because of appointments I had in my regular capacity as a minister.

And when I didn’t come at the normal time today, the owner worried. Continue reading “Regularity Pays”

Bite-Size Worlds

We all want a new earth. That’s why we read fiction, after all: We want to experience something that isn’t the earth we live in here. We want different relationships or different cultures or just the joy of discovering something that isn’t here.

I have a really cool way of visiting lots of different worlds very quickly, though. It’s something that maybe you’ve done in the past or do now.

See, I love reading novels. The problem is, I’m not a very fast reader. Especially if I’m reading a novel aimed at adults, it takes me forever to get through it. And even if the writing is great, sometimes I’ll lose interest – I just want to get to a different world.

So… I read comics. Continue reading “Bite-Size Worlds”