A Return to the Joy of Writing

Guys, it’s so awesome to be excited about something I’m writing.

So for the last two years or so, the only things I’ve written are things that were to be published. Now, it wasn’t some sort of cash grab or anything. I am insanely proud of Madelyn of the Sky and I think it’s a great story. Book five comes out this week, and that ending is a gut punch. I can’t wait for book six to come out! Cade and the Last Starship is getting hammered into shape, and I also think it’s going to be great.

These were good projects I’m proud of. I don’t regret doing them, and I hope they bring joy to anyone who reads them. They were work, though. Good work, but still work.

But the book I’m working on right now is just… it’s just fun.

Since the new year, I’ve written so very little. Part was depression. Part may have been being a bit burnt out. I think honestly part of it was that we were in the middle of releasing Madelyn and gearing up for Cade, so my brain was so thick in those two stories that when I sat down to try to write something else, my brain said, “Nope! Full! No memory left!”

Now Madelyn is almost done for the behind-the-scenes work. (The writing’s been done for quite a while!) That means I can close that mental tab.

And in the meantime, I’ve been working on this story about a book store in a fantasy setting. Here’s a brief description:

“Stepped out with some friends for a few days. Just a quick trip. Should be back in a month. Feed the mice. B.”

Sarah finds the note from her boss when she comes in to work at the local book shop. She’s used to dealing with the normal townsfolk—the bakers, the house moms, the gnomes, the elves… just a normal day. But now with the boss gone, she has to deal with the adventurers, too.

Oh, and another boy is chasing after her. And one of the adventurers thinks she’s possessed by an ancient evil. Her orc roommate is leaving town. And worst of all, someone is literally nibbling on the books in the shop.

Sarah’s got a lot of work to do to keep things rolling… but it’s just for a month until the boss gets back, right?


Guys, I am having such a blast writing this book.

For the first time in more than two years, I’m totally pantsing a book. I did no outlining, no planning. I’m discovering things as I go. Yes, it’s going to take more editing, but it’s a delight.

I’m having so much fun coming up with book titles as Sarah recommends or shelves books. What kind of novels would a bookshop in a fantasy setting have? (What kind of books do orcs read?!)

Oh, and there’s a kitten with a war saddle. Extreme cuteness!

This project has been a breath of fresh air, and I can’t wait to finish it!

And on top of that, it’s re-energizing me to tackle the next big project after Cade! Win-win!

When was the last time you were actively excited to write something? How did it turn out?

Published by Jon

Jon lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

3 thoughts on “A Return to the Joy of Writing

  1. My problem is — I get super excited about a project I haven’t touched in awhile, but then I go back to it and don’t get much done!! It’s a constant battle of thinking versus doing for me.


    1. I get that. For me it helps that I usually write relatively fast; I don’t have the chance to get uninterested! Longer projects… that’s a lot harder!


  2. OH, I can’t wait to get my hands on the bookshop one! Sounds amazing! I get all pumped at the beginning of a new project, and then stall out quickly when I get to the meat of it….or when the next “shiny thing” of an idea pops into my head.


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