And Then There Were People

And lo, did the people come
From near and from far.
“Tis summer!” they proclaimed
As they knocked on the door.

“Tis not!” said I,
But they paid me no heed
As they pounded and pleaded
And demanded to be seen.

They broke down the door.
They trod on the carpet.
They ate all the food.
They dined on the sherbet.

The guests came to celebrate.
The guests came to cavort.
They gave gifts to the kids
As they wore their best shirts.

I ran to and fro.
I ran hither and yon.
I was the best host
And my child the best spawn.

They were here for a week
And yes, celebrations were had.
I was glad to see their faces.
I was glad to see them disband.

Home they went, jiggety-jig.
By plane and by car and by stilts and by bus
They left us at last.
They left, as they must.

We enjoyed their stay.
We wished them the best.
But then I looked at my laptop;
And then I was stressed.

Not a word had I written.
Not a story did I jot.
Instead of sentences being formed
I’d been busy with what?

With people and loved ones
And friends did I dither.
But no words had I written.
No sentences either.

So I’m sad to say
I have nothing to blog.
No advancement was made,
No lessons to log.

Return here next week.
I’ll try to do something.
Meanwhile, beware guests.
Your lack of words will be stunning.

Published by Jon

Jon lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

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