Something’s Coming…

When do you tell everyone?

The first time a publisher signed one of my short stories, I was so excited. I’m pretty sure I told everyone as soon as I had the contract. I probably told legions of people as soon as I had an acceptance, much less a contract. It’s exciting!

They were excited for me! But then… the wait came. It takes a while between acceptance and publication. Is it out yet? No? By the time the story was released, my friends weren’t nearly as excited!

Now I’ve gotten quite a few more publishing credits. When it comes to short stories in particular, I tend not to share with anyone until the publication happens. That happened just this week. “The Hand that Shuts Every Door” had been bought a fair while ago. I’m thrilled it’s found its home at Occult Detective Magazine! But I didn’t feel the need to share with the world until the magazine itself was available for purchase.

Part of that comes from me now having enough publishing credits, I don’t want to overwhelm those who follow what I write. If I announce one thing, and then another, and then another, and none of them are out yet, it’s hard to follow what’s available and what isn’t.

Part of it comes with familiarity. I’m still thrilled when one of my stories is purchased, but it’s also “one more.” I’ve done this before.

So in the end, I’ve learned to wait and share my excitement when a story is available for purchase.

But what happens when you’re really excited for an upcoming project? When do you start sharing what you’re planning for in the next year?

See, there are some big things I’ve got planned for 2022. I decided a while ago to not share with anyone so no one would get sick and tired of hearing about them.

But then I told this close friend.

And then that close friend.

So I’ve got a few people that know what’s coming.

But I’m still bubbling over a bit.

Originally I’d planned on starting announcements today, in this post… but the last few weeks my family’s been struggling with covid. I’ve been just exhausted. That means we may need to push back our plans, and that means I should hold off on any announcements.


I started by asking, “When do you tell everyone?”

And my answer, when it comes to publishing, is, “Time it so excitement is at its highest at the release of the product.”

That means you need to know when your product is being released. Well, now I don’t know when the product is being released…

Which means more waiting for me.


Hopefully I can make some announcements soon!

Published by Jon

Jon lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

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