Why You’re Having a Hard Time Writing

I’m a little sore. I’m working some muscles I’ve let get a little… soft. Wobbly. Gelatinous, even. Today I sat down to outline a novella. In the course of an hour and a half, I only got 1100 words written. Simply put, that’s not enough. Maybe you look at that number and you’re impressed. Well,Continue reading “Why You’re Having a Hard Time Writing”

Sprinting Toward a Novel in One Month…

With the steel of the whip on my shoulder…With the salt of my sweat on my brow… OK, so maybe writing isn’t that bad. Honestly, it’s been a lot of fun. But since September 11, I’ve been writing like mad attempting to get the rough draft of a novel done in a month. That meansContinue reading “Sprinting Toward a Novel in One Month…”