A World Worth Visiting

Take your chances! You can pick any world you see here. Any one! And I guarantee it won’t be this old, worn-out world you’re in now. It’ll be a brand-new worn-out world! But something different, and really, different is never bad, is it?

Move along, wise acre. We don’t need your kind here.

But you! You look like a good kid. A wise kid! You know that a new world is worth it. So take your pick. What’ll it be? What world would you like to visit?

What makes a world worth visiting? What makes a fiction worth experiencing? 

No no, don’t tell me. I can tell by the tone of your rolling eyes. You don’t want one of my worlds. You think you’ve seen it all! You want to make your own!

Same question, wise guy. What makes your world worth visiting? What makes your fiction worth my time?  Continue reading “A World Worth Visiting”