Rejected Worlds

Get outta there. You don’t want those. Come up here. Look, kid. New, shiny worlds. Fresh for the taking. Don’t you want one of these? Think of the possibilities. Take one blank world, and what will you create? Those? Those’re rejected worlds. Some writer came in, bought the world, populated it with her best peopleContinue reading “Rejected Worlds”

The Shopkeeper Mutters, “You Gotta Pay.”

You want one of these? You can’t afford it. You have any idea how much work it takes to deal with one of ’em? Trust me, it ain’t worth your time, your money, your energy. No, I ain’t blowin’ smoke in your face. Well, I am, but that’s cause my cigarette smoke’s gotta go somewhere,Continue reading “The Shopkeeper Mutters, “You Gotta Pay.””