I’m an idiot.

No one likes rejection, but there are some rejections that sting a lot more than others.

When an editor rejects a story because it doesn’t fit what she’s looking for, sure it’s not great, but it’s totally understandable. The story doesn’t fit. Might be a great story, but it doesn’t belong in this publication.

When an editor rejects a story because it’s substandard, well, that’s just proper. The first summer I really took a stab at selling some of my writing, the story I considered the least valuable, least well written, is what sold. There’s a reason I still send stories out that I don’t consider my best, but when they get rejected, I’m not surprised.

I’ve got some stories that I consider my best. And they haven’t sold yet. When those get rejected, it hurts.

Last week I got a rejection that really, really hurt, though.

I wasn’t rejected because the story was substandard. I wasn’t rejected because the editor was looking for something else.

I was rejected because I’m an idiot. Continue reading “I’m an idiot.”