Finding a Book to Read

Ask me what I’m reading.

Go ahead. I dare you.

Did you ask?

Here’s my answer:


[maniacal laughter of a man breaking down]

So, I haven’t been able to read for pleasure a whole lot. I’m working on my own writing projects rather feverishly, thank you very much, so I’m barely keeping on top of my weekly comic haul. I’ve got a stack of books from the convention I attended almost six months ago now. I’ve got books I backed on Kickstarter. I’ve got books from Dark Owl (publisher of fine novels like Keeper of Tales and Dragons of the Ashfall). My TBR stack is insanely high.

Really, it’s more of a TBR library, all things concerned.

And yet… I keep buying books.

I’ve found that my buying habits have changed in recent years. It used to be I’d pick up any book that caught my interest that I found at a used bookstore or a thrift shop. The stacks of books added up and… well, now I just feel a little guilty when I look around my library. All those tomes calling out for my attention!

Lately, I’ve been curating what I purchase far more. I’ve switched to nearly exclusively purchasing from indie authors or small presses. These are “my people” and I want to support them. And you know what? Most of the time, the books are pretty good, too!

I spend a fair amount of time (and money) on Kickstarter, helping people launch their projects. I enjoy knowing I’m directly helping another author. Sometimes I’m able to make a new friend. No matter what, I get a new book, and that’s always a plus! Check out their publishing tab. Explore a little. There’s a lot of great stuff there!

If you do, read the samples many authors provide. It’ll give you a taste to see if it’s something you want to read more of. I’ll often note the grammar writers use when describing their projects. Frankly, if they can’t spell correctly in their pitch for backing, I doubt they’ve put good spelling into their book. I don’t usually back projects like that.

But the ones that tickle the imagination? Oh, yeah. I want that project to come alive, and I’m going to back it!

What are you reading? And maybe more to the point of this post… where do you find what you like reading?

I still love looking through thrift shops and used book stores, but there’s something special about directly helping another author. Check out the “publishing” tab on Kickstarter. Look up a small press like Dark Owl. Check out indie authors like Kendra Merritt or Lydia Sherrer.

And then go read. Please read. Maybe adopt a few books from my library so someone pays attention to them!

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Jon lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

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