Next Time On…

Dragons have come to Londinium.

At the end of Dragons of the Ashfall, Patty shoves her way onto the Gear, the ruling council of the city. She and her dragons aren’t leaving. The city needs them. Some kind of conflict is coming. The Well-Dressed Man lurks in the shadows.

All that takes place at the conclusion of Book One of The War of Leaves and Scales. Oh, uh, spoilers. Sorry about that.

Honestly, just read the book. It’s a good book. I might be biased, but it’s got a lot of adventure and heart and a protagonist who’s scrappy. She also deals with a lot of guilt, is incredibly loyal, and has to figure out how to feed a dragon in a steampunk setting.

So, that’s book one. That means there’s a book two, right?


Well, book two is written. It’s been revised. And it’s time for me to dive in to make a final revision before handing it off to my editor. One small problem…

…I haven’t looked at the manuscript in about ten months.

I write way in advance. This is very intentional. If a publisher wants a manuscript, I want to be able to get it to them without delay! However, I usually don’t polish until it’s time to actually send. The hard work of a rough draft and the first couple of revisions will be done. All it should need is a polishing.


But like I said… I haven’t looked in about ten months because the publisher wasn’t ready for it yet. Now Dark Owl Publishing has requested the manuscript for book two!

What’s that mean for me?

Well, step one: I needed to finish up the current work in progress. I got that done this last week.

Step Two: I gotta remember what all happens in Book Two of The War of Leaves and Scales. Where’s the Well-Dressed Man? What’s happened now that everyone knows about dragons? How much later do we pick up the story?

Step Three: Get the work done. Go and revise.

You know what that means?

Yep. Writing is work.

Oh, it’s good. It’ll be good to slip into a familiar world again. I should probably get going on drafting Book Three while I’m at it. That’ll be an exciting one. It involves – oh, I probably shouldn’t get ahead of myself, huh?

Anyway, time to get to work. I got things to revise!

Oh… and Dawnsbrook is coming.

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Jon lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

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