I’m not freaking out you’re freaking out!

One of the best tips I’ve ever received is, “Act like you’ve been here before.”

My first novel comes out in a few months, but I shouldn’t act all freaked out about it. Be professional. Sure, party and be happy, but don’t act like this is such a weird thing. So far, I think I’ve got that covered. It’s helpful that it’s a relatively long process between writing, subbing, contract, proofs, and so on. It gives time for emotions to filter.

But this week I took a big step. For the first time, I’m not just investing time and money into my writing career. I’m dedicating future income to it.

Granted, it’s not a huge amount. Really, barring something weird happening (2020’s ending soon, right?), I should be able to pay in “normal” money if I have to.

So, what did I do?

I bought an actual domain. Take a look at the address. It’s not “Wanted: One New Earth” anymore. Now it’s my name up there.

Why change it? Two reasons: First, a free site is obviously a free site. A dedicated domain shows some professionalism. Second, “Wanted: One New Earth” is a bit of a mouthful. “Jonathon Mast: Author” is a little easier to remember if you remember the name of the author you’re looking for!

Buying a domain really doesn’t take that much money. However, it is a yearly fee. And I’ve decided that I will fund this with money I receive for my writing.

Which means I now need to sell at least a few stories. I’m on the hook.

I’m not panicking. You’re panicking!

OK, no, this is fine. I’m fine.


The money isn’t a huge amount, but this is a huge step for me. Writing is no longer something I do to earn some extra money. It will now pay a bill. Now the writing must be self-funding.

You know what that means?

I gotta go write something!

Talk to you later!

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