A Small Matter of Money…

We looked at going to another con this weekend.

That’s… kinda crazy, really, but my son and I had so much fun about a month ago that I’m eager to see another. Considering how jealous the rest of the family was, it would make sense to go to another, especially as it’s so close by. And as opposed to the last con which focused on comics and geek culture in general, this one’s a lit con, focusing on authors and books.

So basically this thing is like catnip for me.

There’s two problems, though.

First, I’ve been struggling with dizziness for almost two full weeks now. Finally got it diagnosed Thursday; it’s viral vertigo. Apparently there’s not much to do but just live through it while the body fights it off. As dizzy as I’ve been most of the time just sitting around, trying to navigate a con would probably be a bad idea.

The other problem is far more practical: It takes money to go to a con. And while we could probably swing tickets, we would want to spend more money there. Knowing me, I’d want to make sure at least each reading member of the family leaves the con with something. When you’ve got a wife and four kids, that really adds up.

And this is my problem in general:

I want to make money off my writing. I’m starting that process; I haven’t made a lot yet, but I have made some.

But I want to spend about twice that on other authors.

I want to support other authors. I want to use my money to say, “Yes! Even if I haven’t read your books yet, I see what you’re doing, and you are worth my money!” Even if I never get to reading the books, the writers are worth it.

Except if I do that, I’m not making money on my writing.

And so my dilemma. I know I’m not alone in that. There’s many an author who wants to support other writers.

So how do you balance it?

I don’t know. How do you balance it?

I’m serious. I don’t have the answer here, unless it involves either counterfeiting or some sort of intricate time-travel con job that allows me to make really good bets on horse racing.

I just turned myself into the villain of Back to the Future Part II, didn’t I?

I hate it when that happens.

I have no idea if we’ll try going to that con. I’m guessing not, unless I have a sudden windfall of cash. But that’s just for this weekend.

How about you? If you make money off your writing, how do you balance your desire to support other authors with what you actually make?

Published by Jon

Jon lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

One thought on “A Small Matter of Money…

  1. I’m not sure that I could say I’ve “made” money off of writing yet- and it’s hard to find ways to support other authors. As of right now, I’m working on reviewing whenever I can- and keeping my eyes out online for folks looking for ARC readers, for freebees and 99 cent sales (that’s why I asked for a Kindle- the chance to read more books for cheaper.) Of course, this means that I’m NOT getting all of the books I’d like to…but it’s something. Here’s hoping the vertigo clears up soon- God bless!


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