Wings of Change

“A Dragon Bigger than My Stories” will appear in Wings of ChangeOh, that’s a story I wrote!

The anthology is YA dragon fiction… in other words, every story features either a young human adult or a young dragon adult… or both.

My story… well, here. Let me post the first few lines:

Every dragon’s an introvert. Why else would they hide in caves? They hate small talk as much as I do.

But that’s why I love my dragon so much.

The anthology is currently available for preorder for ereaders; a print edition will also be available. You can preorder an electronic copy here.

And I think you should. I’m very proud of this story and very excited to be a part of this anthology.

Published by Jon

I'm a pastor in Wisconsin. Constantly writing, whether it be fiction or sermons or anything in between. Husband and father. Over all this, Christian, willing and joyful servant to good master Jesus.

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