Desiring Creation

It is done.

As of this last week, I sent in the edits for The Keeper of Tales.

Want to know something funny? The entire time I was editing… I wanted to be writing. The entire time I was evaluating this novel I’d formed, I wanted to be forming something else. Something new. I had an itch to create.

I think it’s kind of funny. I run in cycles. I’ll be in “reading mode” or “writing mode.” I’ll either devour novels in a few sittings or be typing furiously as I create another world.

Before tackling this edit, I was very much in reading mode. I’d taken down a couple graphic novels as well as a few prose novels. When the manuscript came back to me to edit, I was in the middle of reading a novel. I expected to break from the novel, go through edits, and then return.

And then a few chapters into Keeper of Tales, I wanted to write. I ached to write. I was hungry to set the fingers on the keyboard and let loose. Just open up a blank word processing document and go to town.

I hadn’t had this ache for a while. Now, don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of fun writing! But it’s not usually something that I long to do. It’s not like I’m hungry to write. I write because it’s what I do, and I enjoy it. But to really, really desire it? That doesn’t happen too often.

Well, it happened this time!

And so I’ve begun my next project. Over my vacation, I outlined a set of novels. Yeah, that’s right. A whole set of them! And now I’m going to go back, revise those outlines, expand them, and polish the outlines up.

My goal is to have those outlines ready to go, so in the month of September I can see how far I get into a rough draft. If I get the outlines done and ready to be used early enough, maybe I can put together a short story and send it out to meet the world beforehand. We’ll see.

Now… is all this strange to you? Does it feel weird that a writer doesn’t hunger to write all that often?

It all goes back to what I’ve said more than once: Writing is work. Some days you go in to work only because you have to. Other days, of course, you’re looking forward to some aspect of it. (At least I hope so!) But let’s be honest: it’s not too often you ache to go in to work.

Writing is work. I enjoy many aspects of it! And some days, the creating simply flows. But it’s still work, so it’s not always something I desire to do. But right now… oh, yeah. I want to create. I want to bend words to my will and fashion a world.

I’m leaning toward the future now – not only in what’s been created, not only in what’s been accepted, but now in what I’m actively creating as well. It’s fun to have all this in front of me.

How about you? Do you desire to create? Is it simply something you do because it’s part of who you are? And if it’s not something you deeply desire, why do you create?

Published by Jon

Jon lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

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