Being Remembered

She told my wife it reminded her of me.

So, I’ve been feeling down. It’s the whole pandemic thing. It’s kept me locked up with my children, whom I love, but need a little time away from. It’s kept me locked away from the people I serve in my ministry. This week, my church council (wisely, I think) decided to keep the doors of the church closed for almost another month.

And then my wife went to a meeting. There was some business she had to do with a few other women. Good. Get her away from the kids for a little bit.

She came back bearing this bottle of wine:


This woman bought a bottle of wine based entirely on what it was called.


She saw the word “storyteller” and thought of me.

That’s… that’s crazy. Overwhelming.

And healing.

First off, someone thought of me. Someone that’s not family. Someone that’s not “required” to think of me. To be remembered is so, so healing.

Second, she thought of me as a storyteller. She didn’t just remember me, but remembered me for something that I consider one of my best qualities.

It really, really brightened my day, even though I’m not a wine drinker. See? Sometimes it is the thought that counts!

So, let me use this opportunity to encourage you:

Remember someone today. Remember someone that you aren’t “required” to think about. Remember them for something that they like about themselves.

And tell them.

If you know a writer, tell them you like their writing. Trust me; most writers need that kind of encouragement. If you know any kind of artist, tell them you love their art. (Oh, and don’t lie. If you don’t like their art, find something else to tell them you love!) If you can, go farther. Buy something they made. Show your support with some money.

And if that person isn’t an artist… remember them some other way. Trust me; it’ll help them.

Today, I got wine. It encouraged me so much.

I hope someone remembers you. You can’t control what others do, though. Control what you do.

Remember someone today.

Published by Jon

Jon lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

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