Review: Company A

Company A
by H. K. Devonshire

Devonshire’s already famous on Mars, and with reason. His historical fiction about the Martian rangers provide fast-paced novels that keep the attention in marvelous ways, and I’m glad they’re finally being made in Terran editions.

In Company A, Devonshire introduces us to the first Martian rangers, led by Greg Farer, an Arizona Ranger transferred to start the new law branch on the red planet. Danger finds him at every turn, as it appears someone wants to make sure that the law doesn’t get a firm hold on Mars. There’s plenty of action in just about every chapter, twists and turns, and plenty of death.

If you’re looking for more in the realm of Terran authors like L’Amour, or you loved Firefly with the mix of Western and Science Fiction, this is a book for you. It reads fast and quick, and it’ll keep you entertained for an evening or two. I’m looking forward to more in this series and seeing the Martian Rangers begin cleaning up the Martian frontier!

On the writing side, if you want to learn how to plot a fast story and introduce readers to a well-lived in world, you could do well to read this book. Devonshire really does set up his world well, and even if you’re not familiar with Martian tech or history, you’ll have everything you need here. The background doesn’t get in the way of the story, but only enhances it, while setting up future storylines for the next books. Check it out!

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