Does race have anything to do with genre writing?


Ok, now that I’ve said that… I’m not sure where to go next.

I’ve been watching what’s going on in our nation, and I felt typing up a normal blog entry would be kinda pointless right now. There’s big things going on. Important things. And while I’m still writing and submitting my fiction, the blog here is usually about fiction or writing life.

I’m a white guy. I’m really white. I live in the suburbs. My neighborhood and city are predominantly white.

The last church I served as a pastor was in a much more multi-ethnic neighborhood. We had black kids and Hispanic kids coming to our teen center all the time. I got to serve a mixed culture. So I’m not coming into this totally blind. I think I ticked off some friends when the rioting started when I said, “I get it.” I don’t get it as someone who’s suffered from systemic bias, but I have seen friends suffer from it.

Which means, it’s not my place to really answer the question as to how the issue of race fits in with genre fiction writing, other than that it does.

But perhaps I can start? Continue reading “Does race have anything to do with genre writing?”